A Shred of Identity



5 mins

Based on the poem A Shred of Identity by Zimbabwean novelist and poet Dambudzo Marechera this film explores the notion of a double identity in two ways: the split between the self can be interpreted as a product of colonialism, migration and displacement, where the mother tongue mutates into a foreign language. Double consciousness, however, is also at the heart of the creative act; artistic practice could be seen as a constant exploration of the tension between inner and outer self. 

Writer/Director: Nana Oforiatta Ayim

Assistant Director: Chino Moya

Producer: Melissa Jones

Cinematographer: Sam Jones

Editor: Herbert Hunger

Set Designer: Fiametta Horvat


Chuka Okonkwo

Dubem Okonkwo

Eloise Fornieles

David Birkin

Sophie Hunter

Patrick Kennedy

Zulfiquar Rahman

Yves Ngoy