ANO Women Artists Award & Performance by Poetra Asantewa, 30 July 2016

poetraANO has always been concerned with narratives that have been rendered less visible alongside more dominant ones. Over the last year, in collaborations with Serge Attukwei Clottey, it has looked at the role of the feminine in collective memory making in ‘My Mother’s Wardrobe’, at the construction of the feminine self with Zohra Opoku in ‘Sassa’, and in Elisabeth Sutherland’s upcoming ‘Anansi’s Wife/Akua’s Daughter’, will look at the female role in modern mythmaking. Still, the arts in Ghana are an unbalanced field, and ANO will try and address this through its Women Artists Award, supported by artists, such as Tracey Rose, Simone Leigh, Phoebe Boswell, and Mame Diarra-Niang, who in their practise and spirit act as role models and lodestars. The AWAA will be announced on Saturday 30th July at Poetra Asantewa’s Performance, which will be hosted by ANO at the Nubuke Foundation.