5 mins

In Ghana, a phenomenon exists, known as Ayan or drum poetry, where the drum speaks and is understood as a language all of its own.This film poem, using the devices of the Ayan, looks at the total solar eclipse that passed over Ghana in March 2006 as a metaphor for the crossing over of worlds:
Of the language of film and the language of (drum) poetry;
Of stillness and movement;
Of old forms of education and new ones;
Of the moon and the sun.
It experiments with a new language of film based on this classical Ghanaian form of expression.

Writer/Director: Nana Oforiatta Ayim

Cinematographer: Edmund Sai

Editor: Herbert Hunger

Exhibition: AFRICA.Dot.COM: From Drums to Digital, Museum of the African Diaspora, San Francisco, 2008

 Awards: African Documentary and Non-fiction Prize for CrossOver, Festival Cinema Africano, Milan (In Competition), 2006

Music and Performance Prize for CrossOver at the RAI Ethnographic Film Festival (In Competition), 2006

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