This is (R)evolution, ANO Research Exhibition with Jørund Aase Falkenberg, Toril Johannesen & Christine Urdal Stavanger Kunsthall, Stavanger, 2012

progress vs development

This is (R)evolution exhibition at the Stavanger Kunsthall in Norway was a research exhibition, on the oil found in Ghana in 2007, as well as at the changes that have already occurred and are still happening in Norway since its story with oil and gas begun in 1960s.


Norway is being held up as an example for Ghana to follow in its forthcoming story as an oil nation, and Stavanger is Norway’s oil capital.



Included in the exhibition was an archive and library, extracts from a film I was making, looking at the relationship between time, money, oil and culture, as well as works by Toril Johannessen, Jorund Aase Falkenberg and Signe Christine Urdal, that looked at the relativities of culture, value and perception, as well as the material process of oil, and at people involved in the binary relationships of Oil for Development, both from Ghana and Norway.