Writing cultures into being, Workshop at Asiko Art School FCA, Accra, 2013

WYIBANO aims to examine the expressions and documentation of cultural legacies and production in Africa and its Diasporas, and to this end a workshop was held in the summer of 2013 with writers wanting to document the art histories of Uganda and Zimbabwe.

The workshop was part of a programme developed by CCA Lagos to develop critical methodologies and thought, as more and more independent art spaces step in to the gaps that education systems leave unfilled. “The Archive: Static, Embodied, Practiced” was held in collaboration with the Foundation for Contemporary Art in Accra* to open out and explore the concept of the archive beyond the narrow definition of a physical collection of documents.

* (as well as the W. E. B. Dubois Memorial Centre for Pan- African Studies, Ghana National Museum, Nubuke Foundation, Public Records and Archives Administration Department of Ghana, the Goethe Institute, Ghana, Brazilian Embassy, Ghana, New Parson School of Design, New York and The Clark Art Institute, Massachusetts).